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We have a team of songwriters, producers, and engineers. We have been involved in music for over 15 years. We have met several music industry executives. So we know what it takes to attract listeners and we also know the diverse sound it takes to attract the industry labels!



Pay closest attention to your competition & Every single day follow the people you idolize and admire.



The path you’re taking is not easy. Remove all negative energy and stay focused on your dreams.



Vision is what it takes to succeed. Vision will help you push through every obstacle you encounter.

experts behind the beats

We use Fl Studio, Ableton Live, Maschine Studio, and Pro Tools. We use Waves & Izotope Ozone for mixing and mastering!

Why invest into an instrumental that sounds the same as 100 instrumentals?? Invest into something highly listenable, stylish, catchy, feel-good, melodic, and rhythmic!!!


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